Placas solares para empresas

Solar solutions for business

Solar panels for companies

At Quiero Sol we also help companies to find clean energy solutions for their activities.

We have solar energy solutions for companies that want to save on their electricity bills and at the same time contribute to a sustainable planet. 

Contact us and we will help your organisation, business, hotel, shop or industrial plant transition to clean, renewable energy!

Solar panels and more!

Solar panels are just one of the components of a photovoltaic energy installation system with which we can help your business become more sustainable. 

You can also add batteries and electric car chargers that will help your business to go for photovoltaic self-consumption and energy independence in its entirety.

Buy or rent: it's up to you

There are several payment and financing methods available for the purchase - don't worry too much about it! We will find the option that best suits your needs. You can choose between buying or leasing the solar panels for 20 years.

Save up to 70% on your monthly bill by installing solar panels in your company.

Photovoltaic self-consumption for companies

Installing photovoltaic energy in your business is a smart solution. Why? 

The majority of work activities coincide with the time when the sun is present and companies have large roof or rooftop areas. 

Thanks to this, they can generate their own electricity and consume it at the very moment they need it, which makes the investment profitable. 

Make your company more competitive thanks to solar energy. Thousands of companies are already opting for sustainable and profitable solar self-consumption.

All the benefits of self-consumption, also for your business

  • Economic savings

With solar self-consumption in your business you will recover your investment from day one.

  • Environmental sustainability

With a system of solar panels you will contribute to caring for the planet by not emitting polluting gases - coming from fossil fuels of conventional energy - into the atmosphere.

  • Efficient consumption of clean energy

You will be able to monitor your consumption in real time with mobile control applications and be more efficient by managing your own renewable energy.

Now you don't need to invest to enjoy the sun's energy.

By leasing solar panels, install solar panels in your company and enjoy photovoltaic energy with no initial investment.

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