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We offer a dedicated solar expert that delivers a smooth experience on a silver plate from start to end. No queues, no circles but direct phone line or Whatsapp contact during awake hours. We will ensure that you get exactly what you need or want, and make sure to get it installed by a reputable firm. We will also take out all the headache from dealing with paperwork to apply for permits, subsidies, registration and local taxes.


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Discover all the advantages of solar energy: subsidies, prices and profitability of self-consumption in your city. Save money with solar panels and depending on the subsidies available, you could save even more money. Find out now!


The story behind Quiero Sol!

The search for a solar installer for my parents was a frustrating experience. It was confusing and time-consuming to search through conflicting advice. After joining the solar industry, I realised that many customers were facing the same problem.

So I teamed up with my partner to create a website with all the information and comparison options needed for a positive, hassle-free experience for consumers and installers alike, accessible at the click of a button.

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