Photovoltaic and aerothermal

Do you know what aerothermal energy is and what are the advantages of combining it with solar panels?

Published at: Apr 27, 2023

Updated at: Apr 27, 2023

aerotermia y fotovoltaica

We have been talking a lot about photovoltaic energy, so today we ask you, do you know what aerothermal energy is and what are the advantages of combining it with solar panels?

In this article, we will see what it means to combine aerothermal energy with photovoltaic energy, why it is advantageous and how to apply it to a home to obtain greater performance and achieve a high level of self-consumption.

First, how does an aerothermal heat pump work?

It is an air-water technology in which a heat pump feeds an exchanger that cools or heats an air current driven by fans.

Aerothermal heat pumps capture free energy from the environment and transform it into useful energy for the home in the form of sanitary hot water, heating and cooling (if it has a reverse cycle).

Heat pumps are the most efficient system that exists today to heat or cool a home, since with a single piece of equipment the energy needs of the home are covered and at a low cost. This is thanks to its operation and efficiency.

It has a very high efficiency: it has a COP (Coefficient Of Performance) greater than 4. This means that for every kW of electrical power it consumes, it is capable of supplying 4 kW of thermal power.

How does aerothermal work with radiators?

Through the energy of the air, the aerothermal pump manages to heat or cool the water of the hydraulic installation (hot or cold water generator) and emits that temperature into the environment.

Why today is photovoltaic with aerothermal energy more imposed than solar thermal? Which heating system works best with solar energy?

Currently, the installation of photovoltaic solar panels is more advantageous than thermal ones, when combined with aerothermal energy. Why?

A great advantage is that 75% of the energy required by aerothermal energy is free from the air, and the remaining 25% of energy is needed for the heat pump to work. If we produce that 25% of energy through renewable sources such as photovoltaics, it is a great possible combination. This translates into 100% clean energy.

Following the COP concept seen above, for every electrical kW produced by the solar panels, the aerothermal machine will transform it into 4 thermal kW for the home.

In this way, the circle of renewability and energy efficiency is closed, where the thermal needs and demands of the home are covered.ūüŹ°

That's all for today! We hope we have resolved your concerns about the combination of aerothermal energy with photovoltaics and its benefits.ūüí™

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