Haze and dust on solar panels: how they affect and what to do

Effects and solutions for the accumulation of haze and dust, two common problems that affect the performance and efficiency of solar panels.

Published at: Apr 27, 2023

Updated at: Apr 27, 2023

Calima y polvo en las placas solares

The use of solar panels is gaining popularity as a source of renewable and clean energy in Spain. However, there are certain environmental factors that can affect its efficiency, such as the presence of dust or haze. In this article, we discuss how these factors can influence PV modules and suggest measures to avoid and fix these drawbacks.

First, what is the haze?

The haze is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs when dust and sand particles rise in the atmosphere, which are transported by the winds towards lower areas. It is common in Spain and can have a significant effect on the generation of solar energy.

How does the haze affect solar panels?

Dirt and dust can settle on the surface of solar panels, creating a dull layer that reduces the flow of sunlight hitting them. All this can significantly reduce the energy efficiency of solar panels and decrease their productive capacity, since they are in charge of collecting energy.

How to prevent the accumulation of dust and haze on solar panels?

Various measures can be taken to prevent this. First of all, it is essential to keep the panels clear and free of debris. To avoid dust accumulation, it is suggested to clean them regularly with a soft cloth and water.

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Cleaning of solar panels due to accumulation of dirt and dust.

Another preventive measure is to place the solar panels in an inclined position so that the rain can naturally clean them. Likewise, it is advisable to install a monitoring system that allows detecting the accumulation of dust and dirt on the solar panels and to schedule regular cleaning accordingly.

What to do if there is already accumulation of dust and haze on the solar panels?

If they have already accumulated dust and dirt, it is crucial that you clean the solar panels as soon as possible to restore their optimal performance. An expert can be hired to avoid any damage, but as we have told you in our article on cleaning, you can also do it. In addition, it is essential to check if the dirt has generated any type of damage and replace them if necessary.

In short, sand and dust can have a significant effect on solar power generation in Spain. However, through the implementation of preventive measures and periodic cleaning of photovoltaic installations, their efficiency can be preserved and the use of this renewable energy source can be increased.

Limpieza de placas para garantizar óptimo rendimiento.jpeg

The importance of plate cleaning to ensure optimal performance.

At Quiero Sol, in addition to helping you to compare installers and budgets, we want you to understand the concepts of solar energy, photovoltaic self-consumption and the different factors that determine a good performance of a solar system. For this reason, so that you continue deepening concepts, we recommend reading this article with 5 tips for the maintenance of photovoltaic panels and thus guarantee the maximum productivity of your installation. 🌞

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