5 Tips for the maintenance of solar panels

Everything you need to know about the maintenance that a solar panel requires, the price of panel maintenance and tips for its maintenance.

Published at: Feb 22, 2023

Updated at: Apr 25, 2023

Mantenimiento de placas solares

What maintenance do solar panels have?

We know very well that installing solar panels in your home (or business) can be a significant investment. But we cannot ignore that these photovoltaic modules allow us to save between 60% and 70% on the electricity bill and that their useful life is usually around 25 to 30 years, depending on how they are treated, their use and its maintenance (the topic of today's article!).

And why is it important to maintain the panels? Well, on the one hand, it will help you improve the production of clean energy and thus increase savings on your electricity bill. On the other hand, to extend the useful life of the solar panels and thus increase the performance of the photovoltaic installation.

In today's article, we tell you everything you need to know about the maintenance that a panel requires, what is the price of maintenance for the panels, along with some tips for its maintenance.

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Solar panel maintenance.

Do solar panels need maintenance?

Although solar panels are durable and very resistant, they are installed outdoors (rooftops or on the ground) and are exposed to inclement weather that can damage the surface, among other things.

Apart from cleaning, the type of maintenance of solar panels involves other actions to take into consideration, such as checking that there is no structural damage to the surface of the panels such as: cracks, breaks or other visible inconveniences.

All this is recommended to be done with the very purpose of achieving greater photovoltaic production in solar systems, and therefore, greater profitability.

How can solar panels be damaged?

Although solar panels do not have moving parts that wear out, some problems can arise, such as deterioration in cables, conduits, insulation and other components of the installation.

It doesn't hurt to also be attentive to animals that may be chewing cables, damage from natural disasters (earthquakes, forest fires or storms) and damage or corrosion from home renovations.

Can I do the maintenance of the solar panels or is it necessary to hire a company?

And here we return to the topic at the beginning of this blog: the initial investment. Nobody invests part of their capital and then does not follow up on the status of what they have allocated their money to, right? Be it an installation of solar panels, a vehicle, a drone or an appliance.

Therefore, having a professional review the system can mean identifying a defect before it becomes a bigger problem. For example, checking the panels, the cables, the connections, the assembly and the inverter, among others.

How much does the maintenance of a solar panel cost? What is the maintenance cost of solar panels?

The price of solar panel maintenance will depend on the rates with which the company or self-employed professional works, as well as the materials or components of the installation that must be replaced.

What care and maintenance must be taken for the solar installation?

5 Tips for the maintenance of solar panels

Carrying out regular, periodic and preventive maintenance is very important to ensure optimal performance of the installation and take advantage of the increased energy production of photovoltaic modules.

These 5 tips may help you to obtain proper maintenance:

1. Visually inspect the installation, if there are broken or damaged solar panels, deteriorated cables, accumulated dirt or dust.

2. Clean with water and a soft cloth, without abrasive or chemical products. Do not miss more information about cleaning solar panels in this article that we have made for you.

3. Check that the panels are correctly tilted and oriented.

4. Make sure that the electrical connections are safe and there is no risk of shock.

5. Make sure that the temperature of the panels is not too high, as it could reduce the power and performance of the solar system, as we have seen in our blog about the effect of temperature.

If you already have a solar panel system in your home, we hope this article has been useful to you. If this is not your case and you are considering installing solar panels or batteries for your home or business, we help you compare before buying solar products and obtain quotes from installers quickly and easily here. ūüėé

At Quiero Sol we help you to compare installers, but also to understand the concepts of photovoltaic self-consumption and the different factors that determine a good performance of a solar system, such as maintenance to guarantee maximum productivity, in the case of today .ūüĆě

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