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Sun hours in Europe.


Average annual insolation map. National Geographic Institute (IGN) Spain.

Solar energy potential in Graus


Solar energy potential in Graus. Source: PVGIS.

Annual production of photovoltaic energy in Graus


Annual production of photovoltaic energy in Graus. Source: PVGIS.

Graus is an optimal area for the installation of this type of self-consumption systems. If a peak power of 4.8 kWp is installed, contemplating a system loss of 14%, the annual production of photovoltaic energy in Graus would be 7,628.85 kWh, where the months with the highest production are July and August with 786 kWh and 771 kWh. kWh, respectively. Note that the result of the PV calculation is the monthly and yearly average power production of the PV system.

Average electricity bill in Graus 2021-2022


Average electricity bill. Source: OMIE.

In Graus, the Red Eléctrica de España (REE) indicates that Spanish households consume an average of 9 kWh per day and approximately 270 kWh per month, which represents about 3,240 kWh/year. In addition, the REE has also indicated that electricity prices from the grid in 2021-2022 have averaged around €0.225/kWh (€225/MWh), so that a household without a solar energy system that consumes monthly from the network these 270 kWh would pay around €60 per month on your bill, in the variable part of electricity consumption.

Inclination and orientation of the solar panels in Graus

In Spain, the ideal average inclination of the panels varies between 20º and 40º since it is directly related to the latitude of the country. The closer a city is to the Equator line, the angle of inclination of the panels will be less, since the sun's rays will fall perpendicularly. Although the inclination of the photovoltaic installations in most homes in Spain is between 20º and 35º, the solar panels in Graus are oriented to the south with an approximate inclination of 36º to 38º to achieve maximum performance.

Notably, the south-facing solar panels in Graus will produce the most power. However, if you want to place the modules facing east or west, it is also worth it, especially if you need to cover electricity needs in the morning, or more in the afternoon, respectively, increasing the home's own electricity consumption.

Average temperature of Graus


Average temperature in Graus. Source: PVGIS.

The climate of Aragón (Autonomous Community where Graus is located) can be considered as a continental Mediterranean, and its irregular orography leads to the creation of various climates or microclimates throughout the entire Community.

The fact that it receives an average amount of solar energy equivalent to approximately 5.67 kWh/m2 plays a key role when evaluating the installation of photovoltaic systems in Graus.

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If you want to know what the conditions are for installing a self-consumption photovoltaic system in your area and calculate the photovoltaic production and potential savings, at Quiero Sol we help Graus homes and companies so that they can compare installers, understand the concept of solar self-consumption and know how much they can save on the price of their installation through the national subsidies and local aid that the Town Halls offer in 2023.

Frequently asked questions about photovoltaic installation in Graus

How much does an installation of solar panels cost in Graus?

The price of a photovoltaic installation in Graus -and in any case- depends on the type of installation, size of the system and its components. Considering all the necessary materials: panels, inverter, wiring and installation costs such as labor for a single-family home that requires 10 panels, the approximate price would be €6,000 and €8,000 for 15 panels.

Is a photovoltaic installation profitable in Graus? Are solar panels worth it?

The time it takes to amortize the investment in a solar panel system for a resident of Graus is 7 years, without bonuses on the IBI or the ICIO. If the resident has the highest possible bonuses, the time is reduced to 5 years.

How much can be saved with a solar panel installation?

With a photovoltaic installation in Graus you can save approximately 60% and up to 70% on your electricity bill (in the variable part of it, referring to electricity consumption).

What procedures and/or permits are needed for photovoltaic installations in Graus?

Normally, these administrative procedures are often carried out by the installation company. However, it is useful for you to know that to install solar panels in Aragón, in principle and in theory, it is not necessary to obtain a Construction License and it can only be installed with a Responsible Declaration. This streamlines and simplifies processes. Even so, some Town Halls in practice do ask for the License.

Is there aid for the installation of solar panels in Graus in 2023?

IBI discount: %, years, uses and limitations

In Huesca, the province where Graus is located, 50% is offered for 5 years.

ICIO tax credit

80% in the tax on constructions and installations.

What subsidies are there and how to request aid for self-consumption in Graus?

In Graus you can obtain NextGen self-consumption subsidies or European funds for the residential sector and in more common installations with a peak power of less than 10kWp, the aid is €600 for each kWp of the installation and €490 per kWh in the battery storage. Although it is less common, in the case of installations greater than 10kWp, subsidies are between €450 and €300 per installed kWp.

The grants are processed through the Government of Aragon and applications must be made in the Portal de Trámites de Aragón on its website: The initial budget has been increased for Aragón, and therefore in Graus, by an additional €20,564,736 by virtue of the Resolution of June 10, 2022, of the President of the EPE Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, M.P. (IDAE). Through this Resolution, the budget of Royal Decree 477/2021, of June 29, is extended, approving the direct concession to the Autonomous Communities and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla of aid for the execution of various incentive programs linked to self-consumption and storage, with renewable energy sources, as well as the implementation of renewable thermal systems in the residential sector, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Other regional aid in Graus

There are other aids such as those co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and the IAE tax credit. A bonus of 30% of the corresponding quota for taxpayers who are taxed by municipal quota and who use and produce energy from facilities for the use of renewable energies or cogeneration systems, in their economic activities destined for self-consumption, as long as the installed power in cogeneration or renewables exceeds 65 kW, in the terms established in Fiscal Ordinance No. 3.

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