At Quiero Sol we connect you with owners who are ready to install solar panels and batteries.

Join our team of Partners throughout Spain. Simplify your work and maximize your profits working with us.

Maximize your time.

We will manage the customer from A to Z! We free your time from other tasks such as sales, customer service, documentation, etc. so you can focus on installing.

Maximize your profits, we adapt.

We follow your availability, prices, installation radius, and products. You let us know what is best for you and we work on it.

Without complications.

Our mission is to make all the management as simple as possible, both for you and for the client. We will be in contact with you only as many times as necessary for very specific issues, from the rest of the noise, you won't even know!

It's time to install!

We discharge you.

You will receive an email with the information we require, followed by a call from our account manager to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have. A collaboration agreement will be signed and that's it!

We design your proposal.

We will obtain your prices, installation radius, products with which you work, and range of availability; so that we can take your proposal to interested clients.

It's time to install!

We will let you know that we have closed an installation with your proposal and we will only have to agree on a date for the installation. We take care of helping you with all the customer management so that you only worry about a quality installation.



What are you waiting for?

Save time and maximize your earnings!