About us

Sun lovers, let's be part of the solution and take advantage of free energy on all rooftops. You'll end up saying Quiero Sol! Which means I Love Sun!

We are a small group of friendly people, eager to help, respectful of the environment, and concerned about our future and the future of our children.

Our service

We are a team of experts that provides advice and information so that you can have the ideal solar energy solution for your home.


Our mission is to be the most useful and easy-to-use resource for homes looking to switch to self-consumption of solar energy.


We will be a truly transparent guide every step of the way, giving you a worry-free experience through excellent customer service and always putting your interests first.

Our Team

Rafael Laprea

CEO and co-founder

Rafa is our CEO and co-founder. With a background in solar energy, he had a stint at a startup as Head of Sales and during his time there, he sought to find solutions to end the struggle of people wanting to approach the solar world, whether they had knowledge or no knowledge on the subject. Putting the interests of his clients first and being transparent, he learned all about solar energy in general and about photovoltaic installations in Spain. As the leader of our team, Rafa strongly believes in the importance of being a team player and liking what you are doing to be motivated and wanting to continuously improve will build the solid foundations of a good team.

Adnan Maslo

Co-founder and Business Development

Adnan is our second CEO, as in Chef Experience Officer 🙂. He is obsessed with ensuring that everything is presented well, easy to understand, easy to use and looks good at the same time. Basically Adnan's drive is to provide the best experience for our customers at any point; with our web product, our services and terms, the communication of our team and the overall company brand. Adnan is an entrepreneur at heart, holds three Master Degrees and has been working with E-commerce sites since 2001. He is a family guy and loves to play Padel.

Lluís Calafell

Judicial expert in Renewable Energies

Lluís Calafell is the only legal expert specialized in renewable energies and low voltage in Catalonia. And he's passion and professionalism in the field of clean energy is unparalleled. As a specialist category electrician installer, Lluís focuses on providing the highest quality services, backed by a constant update in the field. His expertise in areas such as home automation, solar photovoltaics and aerothermal energy, together with his experience in electric vehicle charging, makes him a key pillar in our mission to move towards a sustainable energy future. His addition to our team reinforces our commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability.

Jorge Ziegler

Operations director

With an impressive trajectory of more than a decade in the digital startup sector, Jorge Ziegler joins Quiero Sol as our expert in growth and business operations in emerging markets. Originally from Buenos Aires, his talents took him to Barcelona, where he excelled in the development and expansion of significant markets for a global corporation. Jorge is a passionate nature lover, dedicating his free time to escape the noise and pollution of the city. He has a taste for spreadsheets and a growing interest in Spanish red wines, with Priorat being his favorite region. In joining Quiero Sol, Jorge is committed to applying his skills to make a significant impact on accelerating our transition to green energy.

Jose Ainsa

Sales Director

Jose, with roots in Menorca and an impressive track record of over 20 years in customer service and sales, is our multilingual sales and communication specialist. His ability to connect instantly with people, coupled with his management experience and ability to speak six languages, make him a valuable asset to Quiero Sol. Passionate about sports and gastronomy, Jose balances his professional life with a dedication to physical and mental well-being, firmly believing that a healthy mind is key to professional success. At Quiero Sol, he brings not only his sales expertise but also his focus on genuine and effective customer relationships.

Nil Dalmau

Marketing Specialist

Nil Dalmau is the creative mind behind our marketing strategy and content creation. His professional approach to digital marketing, along with his knowledge in SERP and SEO, are essential to project Quiero Sol's mission to the world. Nil is committed to communicating our commitment to the planet and vision for a sustainable energy future. In addition to his passion for marketing and branding, Nil is a consummate athlete, competing in ultimate frisbee at international level with the Spanish national team. This experience in high performance sports has provided him with valuable lessons on teamwork, which he applies daily in his role at Quiero Sol, driving synergy and collaboration within our organization.

Florencia Quiroga


Committed to sustainable development, in recent years she’s been in charge of content creation in the solar energy sector and has been accompanying families on their way to the energy transition. Florencia is passionate about sustainability. She really hopes that we all promote true regenerative development, where the activities we carry out can reverse the unsustainable development we have been doing, and become transformative agents for our families, communities and environments! 🌍👣

Andrés Balsamo

Andrés Balsamo


As a Business Graduate with a strong sales-oriented mindset, he’s passionate about providing effective solutions to drive success. His ability to connect with others and his keen problem-solving skills have allowed him to stand out in various roles throughout his career. When he’s not busy making an impact in the professional world, he loves staying active through kitesurfing, snowboarding, and CrossFit. He believes that physical fitness not only keeps him energized but also helps him maintain a sharp focus on his work. Outside of sports, he cares for the time spent with friends and family, as he finds it essential to maintain a healthy work-life balance.